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  1. Please call me TODAY to discuss processes and procedures for installing PRE-FINISHED Hardi Plank. I have a bid due on 3/29 and need to verify with the bidders that they have included the proper sealants, etc.
    313 493 9101

  2. We need a HardiPlank representative to come to our house and advise us. Our contractor put up HardiPlank siding, and our painter informs us that the planks are “flopping” around and are so loosely installed that he could pull them off easily. Given other problems we had with the contractor, we have no doubt that the siding was incorrectly installed. (we are out of town at the moment.) We need a representative to look at the job and advise us before we agree with the contractor on “fixing the problem”. We need to know what exactly he did that was wrong and what exactly is the way to correct it. Please help!

      1. Thank you, John. I have followed your advice. I hope the person who contacts us will be able to come and advise us on these issues.

  3. I need to paint our siding that was installed 8 years ago and it is the Cedar Mill Dirty Khaki 8 1/4 inch plank. I called Lowe’s looking for Valspar and they said they don’t have a chart to mix it. Can you help me and I don’t care what brand it is.

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