Cement Board Siding Advantages And Disadvantages

There are many manufacturers of cement board siding and that include Certainteed (Weatherboards), James Hardie (Hardieplank) and Nichiha. Generally, you get cement board siding in thickness of a quarter inch in many different exposures or reveals from four to seven inches. In the past, cement board siding, also called fiber cement, was available only in raw or primed finish and needed to be painted after installation. In last few years, manufacturers have started offering factory painted planks. Most of them produce cement board siding that has a smooth finish or wood texture finish and offer it in lap mode (clapboard) or shingle mode.

The Advantages

Cement board siding has certain advantages over vinyl siding. It has more realistic and natural looks. Generally, it is thicker and therefore lasts longer.

Cement board siding also has some advantages over cedar clapboard or shingles. In the first place, it’s not so expensive. It needs less maintenance and is not as prone to rotting or getting spoiled by pests.

The Disadvantages

Cement board siding has generally been considered a good siding, but of late it is reported to have some problems. When used near or against surfaces like landings, roofs or flat surfaces, it tends to suck in water and that causes it to delaminate. It is reported that irrespective of its being pre-painted or painted on the spot, this siding begins to peel off near surfaces exposed to humid conditions like water and snow or if it’s not installed appropriately.

However, if appropriately installed, cement board siding still remains a worthwhile siding option. When considering replacement of your present siding, assess appropriate installation process and make sure that you hire the services of an expert contractor who is experienced in handling the type of siding that you propose to install. Don’t be hasty and call whoever you find first or make a deal withing minutes. You need to have a strategy.

First, take a look at all the options you have online. Whenever you have time to sit down a bit or lie down on your couch with laptop, do some research. You can even do it while watching the news. It important you do this and take time to do it right. You have a lot of different contractors that advertise online. Take a look at what they offer. Then, find reviews about their work online. Or if you can’t find reviews, find a forum where people talk about their experiences and what worked for them.

After you know which contractor could be best for you, take a look at different stores on the internet. See what prices they offer for different type of materials and tools, depending on what you need. Take your time, this is the best way to know about siding and get the best deal possible. The more informed you are, the easier it will be to get a lower price and high quality work done. Ok, after you figured out where you could buy the materials, it’s time to make some calls.

Call the contractors and see how they sound to you. Know that you know more about the whole process, the prices and that you have experience of others, you can see through the talk contractors usually make with their customers. You will now easily choose the one that suits you best. And by saying this, I don’t mean you should choose the one with the lowest price, but the contractor that will get the work done the way you want it to be done.

If you follow through these steps, I’m sure you’ll have a perfect siding along with a few bucks left in your pocket. And a big grin on your face 😉

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  1. I just purchased a new home with hardee siding. The south facing side of the home gets really hot. Placing your hand on the siding feels like your hand is burning.
    Can this be a heat transference? Does this mean that they did not use a metal foil to stop the heat from coming inside?

    On a mild sunny day the N. side of house is comfortable but the S. side is really hot.


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