There are many options when considering siding for your home. Sometimes it may get a bit too difficult to decide. You may be required to choose among reasonably priced vinyl siding, an expensive wood siding or opt for HardiPlank siding, which falls almost midway between the other two as far as cost is concerned.

Manufacturing of HardiPlank uses cellulose fibers and cement-like materials that make it tough and durable. Its construction doesn’t involve any endangered resources, thus it is termed as green and sustainable. HardiPlank siding is sure to last much longer than vinyl or wood siding. It’s interesting to learn that the manufacturers produce specifically designed HardiPlank siding for different geographical zones, meaning that you are offered a siding to suit specific area of the U.S. where you may be residing.

HardiPlank siding comes with a 30-year warranty. It is guaranteed against delaminating, rotting, warping or shrinking for 30 years. Another benefit of installing HardiPlank siding is that you don’t have to paint it all that often. That’s because HardiPlank has the capacity to retain paint 3-4 times longer than wood. The HardiPlank warranty is valid if it’s installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Therefore, it would be better to hire professional services for doing the needful if you are not too sure of installing it correctly.

The most interesting part of re-siding a home with HardiPlank is that it adds to value of your home. An article that appeared in Remodeling Magazine in 2008 demonstrated that it was actually the #1 value in return on investment. You could further save your insurance premiums by choosing HardiPlank. On an average, homeowner insurance premiums for homes installed with HardiPlank are 14% less, compared to homes with vinyl siding.

On comparing HardiPlank to vinyl and wood siding options, you’ll realize that the former has more benefits. HardiPlank is non-combustible. That makes a house with HardiPlank siding far more fire resistant than traditional wood or vinyl siding. Additionally, HardiPlank is also resistant to termites and five times thicker than normal vinyl sidings.

The most important factor for any homeowner while considering siding options is its durability when exposed to natural elements. HardiPlank is matchless in this category. It survives wind and rain at up to 150 mph. HardiPlank is manufactured to resist rain, snow, wind, hail, and sun.

HardiPlank comes in numerous attractive wood-grain textures and in several colors. You also get primed HardiPlank that you may paint yourself.

On considering the available options for re-siding your home, you may think that HardiPlank is more expensive than vinyl siding, but it pays for itself because of its unique features. It is as good looking as wood siding minus the worries. Here’s a long lasting product that serves well and you are sure to be satisfied on opting for it.