These days there is a very large variety of siding available for present day homes. Each kind has its own benefits, and drawbacks too. Depending on the climatic conditions of particular regions, one type may be more popular than the others. Other than climate, price is the major factor influencing homeowners to go for a particular type or brand.

Types of siding available:

1. Aluminum or Vinyl Siding These sidings may be used on new homes and can also be put over older types of siding. The best feature of this type of siding is they need no painting. The drawback is that aluminum siding develops dents over time, whereas vinyl siding cracks. Vinyl siding has improved over these years with the availability of better quality of vinyl.

2. Masonite Siding or Hardi Plank though these have similar looks, the results are quite different. Masonite siding worsens over time and needs painting, caulking and regular upkeep. Hardi Plank (a brand name) has similar looks but is made from cement and therefore does not rot. It is already getting very popular and is a great alternative to Masonite.

3. Brick or Stone Both these items make a superb siding option. They are virtually indestructible while remaining attractive. They do not need the usual maintenance that is required by other types of siding. The downside is steep price, although it may be affordable in some parts of the country.

4. Stucco Usually made from cement, stucco makes a solid, durable, moisture proof siding. It is the most favored siding in Florida where the climate necessitates constant maintenance of other types of siding and the solid cement siding helps to keep the houses cooler than traditional siding.

5. Cedar Shakes If you like the look of cedar shakes, this is you best alternative to Masonite siding as it requires reduced maintenance. It will not rot or peel on getting painted.

6. Veneer & Synthetic Siding These siding options have the appearance of other types such as stucco or brick, but lack quality and thus durability.

7. Clapboard Siding Derived from solid wood, this is more expensive than other kinds of siding but more durable and comes with better looks than most other manufactured sidings like Masonite. This item lends itself well to stain and thus wouldn’t peel as siding that is painted.

8. Steel and Vinyl Coatings These are gaining popularity. These are more expensive but are almost everlasting and hardly need any maintenance. Vinyl Coatings are applied just like paint but are a lot thicker. It’s comparatively a new product, making it vital to look for a company that knows how to apply it apply it in the approved manner, as improper application may lead to many other problems.