Hardiplank or Hardiboard is the same as fiber cement siding. It’s proven to be the most sturdy and weather-resistant siding material available these days for residential and commercial applications. It remains unaffected by insects and pests, can bear large temperature variations, and never rots or warps because of moisture or water. Its fire resistant properties further encourage its use as a safe and viable construction material.

When you order Hardiplank siding, it is delivered in standard sheets or in pre-cut strips. The strips are generally used for trim corners, soffits and eave linings. Most of the siding work uses sheets that you can cut to size at home. However, it’s important to use proper tools for cutting fiber cement siding, as the sturdiness of Hardiplank could damage the ordinary tools. You can get the special-purpose tools meant for cutting fiber cement siding from your local hardware store. These tools facilitate the process of cutting and you can save your present cutting tools from getting damaged.

The only difficult part of handling this siding is its cutting. Cutting of fiber cement siding requires a special blade designed for the purpose. Its cutting also releases a fine dust, making it imperative to use safety goggles and a dust mask. Additionally, you’ll also need an industrial vacuum to get rid of the dust and fibers after you have finished cutting.

Compared to vinyl or hardboard siding, installation of Hardie plank siding is very easy. You can easily use self-tapping screws to fix the siding to any flat surface of your home. Always start with the trim pieces, followed by larger sheets. To finish, just seal any gaps with a water resistant sealant and it’s all over.

Installation of Hardi plank siding at home makes your home more fire resistant, offers better insulation and minimum of cleaning and maintenance as compared to any other form of siding. Its natural wood-like appearance adds to the looks and style of your home. Hardy plank is designed to resist rain, snow, wind, hail, and sun. Unlike wood, it doesn’t warp or chip and the best thing is that it’s not at all friendly with termites. Hardy board is available in many attractive wood-grain textures and in a number of colors, enabling you to give a unique look to your place.

You may be aware that vinyl can’t be repainted in a color of your choice. Though you can paint wood in any color, it doesn’t last long on wooden siding. Another advantage of installing Hardie board siding is that it doesn’t require frequent painting like wood. In facet, Hardi siding can retain paint 3-4 times longer than wood.

Fiber cement siding is the most durable siding material available these days. Taking into consideration its long life, minimum maintenance, strength, matchless insulation value, and its capacity to resist fire, moisture and insects, it is without doubt a cost effective investment. Fiber cement is quite easy to install and adds to the appearance and looks of your property.